Cody Popov (CHERRYZ) is a Michigan Native who has quite the story to tell. Born in a small town just outside of Detroit, Michigan, Popov has the heart of a big city dreamer. He has lived all over the U.S as well as a three year stint in Toronto, Ontario. The 23 year old got his start into producing the first day he bought his first computer when he was 18. He fell in love with electronic music in a different way than most artists.

” When I was 8, my father and I were on our way to a hockey game up in Toronto. We left early in the morning to beat the Ambassador Bridge traffic. While driving, my father was listening to a rock station that is big in my home area. The song “Do you Feel Like I do”(live version) by Peter Frampton, came on the radio. My father instantly jacked up the sound in his old Sable. I’ll never forget it when he told me “listen to this bud, Peter Frampton makes his guitar talk!” I was confused as to what he meant, until Peter made it happen. I was dumbfounded that someone was able to make an instrument sound like it was speaking. I thought it was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard in a song. I knew then that I wanted to learn for myself as to how it happened. I was hooked. Boom. Instantly.” Fast Forward to when Popov was 17. Driving to hockey, his good friend, Austin Giblin, asked him if he ever heard of dubstep before. He then went on to show him the song “Mt. Eden”, which blew his mind away. He then started listening heavy to artists as Skrillex, Nero, Flosstrdomus, Pegboard Nerds, and other artists that helped build the reputation of EDM as big as it was today. When Popov was 19, he went to the Palace of Auburn Hills on New Years Eve to watch Skrillex bring in the new year in the Mothership Tour. “I’ll never forget standing there, front row, watching my idol play his set. Bringing tears to my eyes with how awesome this experience is. How this one man, can have thousands of people feeling some type of way. I knew then, I wanted to make people feel the same way, but with my own sounds.” And that’s where it all began.  When asked who his favorite artists are that influence him the most, Popov replied ” Dillon Francis is my biggest influence in Music when it comes to sound. I first heard his sound when I was 18, when Dill the Noise and Burning up helped put him on the Map. Not only that, he’s one of the most creative, hilarious people I’ve ever acknowledged. I’d give my left nut to have a beer with this guy, haha!  However, I fell in love with my genre I’m pursuing right now, future-house, when I discovered Jauz. Feel the Volume got me hooked to future house instantly. The deep wubs and the groovy vibe jauz gives is a sound no one can compare to. And heck, who doesn’t like getter? If you don’t then you can go frick yourself. He’s another dude who’s sound range can hit both ends of the spectrum. I try to model myself after those three. Well, including Skrillex as well. They just have that sound that, well shit, everyone loves. I want to discover the same thing for myself.”
It wasn’t until just a few months ago that Popov was discovered when his remix of Travis Scott and DJ Mustards hit, whole lot of loving, was discovered by the Detroit Based Artist and house Master, Curtis Wolfe. “It all happened by fate. I posted my snippet of my song that I worked on for a night on my Instagram, just because I wanted to see what my friends thought. And boom, I woke up the next day and my fucking phone was blowing up. One of these people being Wolfe. We discussed back and forth for months and then finally, Curtis Wolfe, Dylan Wolfe, and myself collaborated on my idea and came out with a banger remix of Whole lot of loving. Wolfe taught me so much in the past few months with different programs and mixing techniques that I cannot thank him enough for discovering me. He’s one of my closest friends now and I don’t know what I’d do without him.” Popov is currently in college chasing a dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer as well as balancing his music career. “My plan is to finish up my first album before school lets out. And, God willing, tour a little this summer. Get my sound out there and meet some of my artists and build relationships with them as well and once again, God willing, hopefully make music with them as well. But I will not accept anything unless Wolfe and D. Wolfe come along with me. These two helped get me this far, and I plan on getting in the top charts with them by my side.” Popov plans on releasing his 1st album sometime in the next few months. More interviews to come so we can learn more about this kid. Because he has a lot to say.