L.O. -DJ, House music Producer, and Musical Mad Scientist. His real name is Curtis Wolfe and currently live in West Bloomfield, Michigan.
L.O. put out a weekly cloudcast called “60 minute Sunday” that was heard in 47 countries around the world and showcased the freshest EDM, Trap, and Techno coming from guys making beats in their basements to some of the biggest names in the music industry. He was also the host of “The Tuesday Night Trap Shoot” on Freeworldviberadio.com a microsoft partner.

L.O. is known for his mind numbing heavy bass grooves and melding of techno, house, and jazz styles of music.

L.O. started producing music in 2007 with influences from artists like Bassnectar, Deadmau5, and Kevin Saunderson, and taking styles from Chicago house, Future House, Deep House, Detroit techno, and Trance . He honed his style from producing heavy dubstep, Trap, and Big room house to his current vibe and style today. Working under the Spot Music label, L.O. released Drunk and angry as a mouse in January 2016 followed by 3 singles in the months to follow. His tracks Come On and My Piggybank have been featured on multiple music blogs throughout the world. Moving back to his U.S. Base and recent sign up with Geomagnetic.tv, a record Label out of California, has him pushing his music production to new limits with his two singles Snark and Rainy Day.

With years of music production under his belt bringing himself to live performance was an easy step. L.O. has played shows in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Florida in the United States, He has also played in Mexico, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. . As a veteran of the underground scene he brings that knowledge and energy in to every show committing to a spectacular performance every time. L.O.’s Love of all things electronic does not have him limiting himself to the electronic scene, L.O. has been known to play country, disco, rock, pop, and rap in his sets as well depending on the venue and audience.

L.O. has shared stages with Proxy, Haezer, Soulux, El3mnt and Klees, Mat Zo, Trblmkr, Breakbot, Skyrise, Dylan Wolfe, D-Trip, Jenni V and more.


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